Alsea Falls XC



What a great day for the 140 riders who got to partake in one of if not the best course in the Series!

Race Report


Patrick Means looking at his glasses prior to the start of the race

Wednesday last week, Keith Jennings, Sean Babcock and myself went and prerode the Alsea Falls XC race course.  The trails are relatively close to Corvallis, but with such awesome trails here, that you don’t have to drive to, none of us have ridden at Alsea Falls (aside from myself, being at this race last year).  But Ripley kept talking up the new trails so off we went.

The next few hours were so fun.  We did not expect what we found.  You couldn’t wipe the smiles off our faces!  The downhill pump-track trail, known as Springboard, was stupid fun.  But we were all happy to see, while it surely is the diamond of the Alsea Falls trail system, there were other rad mountain bike trails in there too!  Don’t get me wrong, I love a good flow trail, but you never need more then one, cause there’s only one way to build them, hence, they are really all the same trail.  But fun singletrack trail is the precious metal that we mountain miners seek!  This course was chalk full of the goods.

Later that day, I called Barry.  “Dude, Ripley may have out-done himself with this course layout and trail system. It’d be worth checking out!  Also, you should try getting your hair straightened sometime.”  Unfortunately, he only listened to one of those things I said.   He and Ryan showed up at our local OBRA bike race on Saturday morning.

Here’s how the race played out, I’ll try to keep it short.

The start loop begins with a bit of pavement and then hops onto a pretty steep, stair-stepped gravel road climb. The business end of the climb is the top section as well.  It worked quite well to separate things out that way.  Barry (Kona Bikes), Ryan (Cannondale-Cyclocross World) and I hopped into the single track together, with a couple fast guys just a few seconds off the pace.  I took lead into the single track.  They were happy to let me have it, knowing I knew the course pretty well.  Almost immediately going down the trail, I got confused and almost nailed a tree, jumped running off my bike, still holding the handlebar, dragging the bike behind me, Barry and I were both laughing a lot!  Is it better if you don’t know the trail and have to go slower? Maybe sometimes…

I lead the first lap.  We got back on the pavement to the start loop climb, Sean (Team S&M) and Keith (Team HazeLux) caught back on.  And shortly, Tyler Fox was there too.  Watch out for this kid.  He can go uphill and downhill, quite well.  And he’s young.  And dammit, he’s a nice guy too.

At the top of the start loop climb, Barry and Ryan were a few seconds up the road from me, Sean Babcock was just behind me, and Keith and Tyler were lurking just there behind Sean.  I caught Bar-Ry pretty quickly on the road to Springboard, they weren’t really trying too hard!  Sean caught back pretty quick too.  Sean lead the DH this time, I was 2nd wheel, then Barry, then Ryan.  If I can take a second to explain how fun it is to ride with Sean.  He loves rallying his bike.  But I think what makes me smile every time, he embodies the child on a bike that is still inside us all.  No matter the age, we all fell in love with riding with this feeling.  In short, it emanates from Sean when he rides and it’s completely infectious.

Heading up the main climb the four of us were all together.  The pace was relaxed.  Knowing it’d be a knife fight the final time up.  Sean and I were just happy Ryan and Barry weren’t feeling like full Twin-Towers smash mode.  Ryan started telling jokes, then Sean came in and asked, “Why does the ocean roar?”  We wait.  “You would too if you had crabs all over your bottom.”

We had dropped Ryan on the DH.  Sean and Barry were just ahead of me coming out the singletrack.  Maybe 3-5 seconds.  Barry hit the road so hard, he busted up the road like a banshee, only to stop at the feed and grab some water.  We started riding a good tempo, me still behind them a few seconds.  I really should have closed that gap.

Most of the way up the steep section of the road climb, Ryan caught me.  I jumped on his wheel, we got up to Barry and Sean pretty quick.  I was gassed.  The throttle of the group was lifted, don’t remember if it was Ryan or Barry.  I couldn’t match it.  Sean stuck the wheel and those guys went up the road.  I kept myself on the throttle for the rest of the climb.  Thinking that maybe I could overhaul Ryan on the long skill-heavy descent.  I never saw him.

I came into the finish about 45 seconds off Trebon.  Keith held off a hard charging Tyler Fox for 5th.

Honorable mentions for the Elite field go to Adam Hadley (Corvallis Cyclery Racing) and Jon Myers (Team S&M).  Adam had just upgraded from his Cat 1 sandbagging ways.  He rode a really strong race and was nearly catching the top 5 guys on the climbs.  Lucky for all of us, he doesn’t train to be fast.  Jon Myers absolutely destroyed the pavement climb!  According to, The Strava, he did that climb in about 17min flat.  That’s averaging 12mph while ascending 950ft of vertical elevation. Wow. And, ouch.

All and all, it was a great race and a super fun event.  The course was fantastic, testing all of the necessary attributes that make up a darn good mountain biker.  The venue was prefect too.  A dip in the Alsea river to wash away the days toils in the dirt was as close to a reset button as you can get.

Patrick Means is an Elite mountain biker for Team S&M / Sellwood Cycler Repair.  Currently living in Corvallis, Oregon; he can be found wrenching on bikes at Corvallis Cyclery, or out on the rad local trails riding his new Kona Process 153.




Saturday June 13th, 2015

Race # 8 of the 2015 series

Start time 11am

$5.00 from every registration goes to the BLM for maintenance and improvements to the area and with your help we raised close to 600.00









Estimated Distacnes for 2014 with even more sweet trails

Registration opens January 1st for the Saturday June 13th Event

Novice  10 Miles and 1300 ft

Sport   and Clydesdales 200+ 16.5 Miles and 2400 ft
Elite, Expert and SS Men and Women 23.2 and 3400 ft for the full meal deal!

GPS file Above



Please be patient when passing and go with the flow please!


This area is a BLM area in development with IMBA as 10 miles of new trail go in over the next few years.

Local IMBA Chapter Team Dirt is actively working on this area and needs your help. Check out and the calendar to get on board with a trail work day

The area is a hidden gem and after the initial investment in the area by the BLM over the next few years this area will not be quite as hidden

Whats Included

  • A Super fun course with excellent trails
  • Camping the night before (Come early)
  • Swimming at Alsea Falls
  • Post event BBQ for all
  • Oregon XC Series Points Race #8
  • Custom First place Champion Glass Mugs
  • Yakima Hold up raffle
  • Jamis Dragon One frame Raffle




11am Elite Men, Expert 19-44 and 45+, Singlespeed men (2…. 4.2 mile loops +2 6.8 mile loop ) 3500 ft of Climbing

11:02 Elite Women, Expert Women and SS Women (2…. 4.2 mile loops +2 6.8 mile loop ) 3500 ft of Climbing

11:04 Sport Junior 14-18 Men, Sport 19-39 Men (2…. 4.2 mile loops +1 6.8 mile loop ) 2300 ft of Climbing

11:07 Clydesdale’s 200+ (2…. 4.2 mile loops +1 6.8 mile loop ) 2300 ft of Climbing

11:06 Sport Men 40-49, 50-59, 60+ (2…. 4.2 mile loops +1 6.8 mile loop ) 2300 ft of Climbing

11:07 Sport Women 19-39, 40-49, 50+ (2…. 4.2  mile loops +1 6.8 mile loop ) 2300 ft of Climbing

11:08  Novice Men 19-39, 40+, Novice Women 19-39 and 40+ (2…. 4.2 Mile loops) 1300 ft of Climbing

11:10 Novice Junior Men 10-13, 14-18 and Novice Junior Women 10-13, 14-18 (2…. 4.2 Mile loops) 1300 ft of Climbing




FAQ Where is Alsea Falls?



View Larger Map From Eugene HWY 99 North to Monroe, Proceed through Monroe and Turn Left at the ALpine Cutoff or Alpine RD and proceed 14 miles to the Event From Corvallis HWY 99 South to Alpine RD, then 14 miles to the Event site Parking is accessed off of South Fork Rd via Fall Creek access rd. Signs will point to RACE and please note that when you are parked you are parked for the duration of the event. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PARK IN THIS AREA IF YOU ARE COMING TO SPECTATE AS PARKING IS AVAILABLE AT THE ALSEA FALLS DAY USE AREA (FEE APPLIES) What to expect from the course               SPECIAL COURSE NOTE: New trail section springboard for your racing satisfaction, be prepared for many dips and rollers and do not overcook it or you could endo   SAFETY EMT ON SITE, AND NO CELL SERVICE EXCEPT FOR AT THE END OF THE PAVED CLIMB….SO PLEASE BE A BIT EXTRA CAREFUL FIRST AIDE KIT AT THE LAP POINT WITH WATER AND HAMMER NUTRITION Good news is the course has quite a bit of tree’s so if the weather is hot or cool you will be under cover.


11am Elite Men, Expert 19-44 and 45+, Singlespeed men (2…. 6 mile loops +2 6 mile loop )

11:02 Elite Women, Expert Women and SS Women (2…. 6 mile loops +1 8 mile loop )

11:04 Sport Junior 14-18 Men, Sport 19-39 Men (2…. 6 mile loops +1 8 mile loop )

11:05 Clydesdale’s 200+ (2…. 6 mile loops +1 8 mile loop )

11:06 Sport Men 40-49, 50-59, 60+ (2…. 6 mile loops +1 8 mile loop )

11:07 Sport Women 19-39, 40-49, 50+ (2…. 6 mile loops +1 8 mile loop )

11:08  Novice Men 19-39, 40+, Novice Women 19-39 and 40+ (2…. 6 Mile loops)

11:09 Novice Junior Men 10-13, 14-18 and Novice Junior Women 10-13, 14-18 (2…. 6 Mile loops)

Staging  (see above for Categories and age groups) This event starts at 11am to allow plenty of driving time, packet pickup on site 9am until 10:40…YES you can register the day of….We will close online reg down Thursday 6/5 at 5pm

Wave 1 at 11am (5 Mile starter Loop and 500 ft of Climbing with plenty of room for passing) Elite Men, Expert (Cat 1) Men all Elite Women and Expert (Cat 1) Women all  and SS Men and Women Sport (Cat 2) men all and Clydesdales 200+ Sport (Cat 2) Women all  Junior Men and Women all Novice (Cat 3) Men and Women all Cash 3 deep for top 3 men and women for the Series Event 100,50,50 Men and Women overall Raffle at 2pm Burgers for all who pre-enter! Great family fun!

New for this year is more sweet trail and the most I will make you climb up the 3.5 mile climb is 2 times! 1700 ft of Climbing for the Novice (Cat 3) or 3000 for the rest of the Categories!

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