Test Of Endurance 2/1/20! YES ITS Back for 2020!

February 1st? Yes it is the day before the Super Bowl and the Test of Endurance is all new and will be unique each year. We will be opening registration and announcing the route around Thanksgiving and just so you know these are the parameters in and around holding an event in February. 
  1. We will have 3 weekends to host this event in February starting the first Saturday each year. 
  2. The event will be moved to the subsequent week if the low temperature is not 45 or warmer with a 30% chance or less of rain through the 3rd Saturday in February.
  3. The event official date will be announced 5 days prior to the event via socila media Mudslinger Events
  4. All moneies received are fully transferable through June 30th, current year within 72 hrs of the event if you are pre-registerd and cannot attend. Also you can transfer to another teammate through Wednesday at noon. We have a few events that you can dig into! 
  5. The route each year will be new and fresh and feature some of the best gravel and road routes with a max participation of 100 riders. Each event will have sag support and one timed section on the major hill of the day.  
  6. All moneies received are fully transferable through June 30th, current year with notice within 72 hrs of the event. 
  7. All routes will be up to 60 miles long to give you some serious adventure! 
  8. In some cases the routes will be a point to point so please plan your way back and or stay over with friends to kick off the cycling season! 
  9. Awards will be handed out at the post party Saturday night to include random items of good will! 
More to come!