Mudslinger Events LLC and Oregon Trail Runs strives to continue the transformation to a better, cleaner way of event management.  

While we understand that in general moving people around to unplug in the outdoors, purchasing medals, hauling a trailer or purchasing nonessential items that do not by nature support human existence is not a carbon-free or even close to nonimpactful way of “making a difference” in the classical sense. The actual positive effects of carpooling, recycling (What is actually recyclable) and providing health and wellness through physical movement and person to person communication creates the human experience.  
We are in a time of a severe lack of physical exercise and over-prescription of drugs and I hope you invite a friend to an event to make a sustainable change in their lives.  

We will continue to recycle what we can, encourage all to carpool, smile and to do your very best while we look to collaborate with our sponsors, volunteers, NPO groups and more to create a healthy environment for competition or simply to finish what you start!