Garmin and your experiance

What a better way to make your time on the road or trails even better with Garmin.

I use my Garmin all the time and encourage everyone to check out this useful tool to add to your bike.

Here is the new 510 and 810 for 2013


Garmin Presents – The Edge : Let others follow from Garmin EMEA on Vimeo.

The Season and your planning

Aid station at the Mudslinger 1/10/13


Crazy that someone mentioned this week that in Back to the Future 2 or 3 this is the future from the movie. I am not sure if i am more of a  Marty McFly, Emmett Brown, Biff Tannen, George McFly. I would say Marty, with a little bit of Emmet (The mad scientist) Thanks for the initial push on registration for the High Cascades 100. As of today we are over 80 and that means you have a few months until it gets interesting as far as space is concerned. I know having good friends and great places to ride or run makes Oregon a great place to live and getting to know each one of you a little bit as the years keep rolling over is a special thing.  I have a personal goal to double my riding and running hrs form 2012, to keep up with some of you on the trail!

Keep an eye on the Oregon 24 and remember the incredible offer for all 2011 and 2012 participants (formerly known as the High Cascades 100) Next up to open for registration is the Willamette Gran Fondo on , then the Mudslinger, and Test of Endurance 50 and 100K.

Be well!


Happy New Year

A December Ride close to home. I need to be prepared this year

Happy New Year from Mudslinger Events. So much planning going on with the High Cascades 100 opening up on the 1st of the year and over 60 now registered in the first few days! Also the re-birth of the 24 as the Oregon 24 opened yesterday and a amazing offer for those that entered in 2011 and 2012. Check out both pages at and for more details. Next up to get rolling right is the Willamette Gran Fondo on April 28th. This event is a first year event and will be sure to get you ready for a summer of riding with 100 miles and over 8000 ft of climbing, or maybe the medio is more your style at almost 60 miles may be the right distance to take that new bike out on a great road ride in the Spring. More to come and thanks for the support

Mudslinger GPS Track

Hey Guys

Ride GPS supports Mudslinger Events and this is the map of the course and you can download GPS data HERE

If you do go out and pre-ride this week, make sure to stop by Starker Forests to get a free permit for the Tum Tum unit and thank them

No permit needed on Saturday to pre ride the day before


Test OF Endurance 50 GPS and video

For those of you that like a gps of the course her ya go

Garmin Connect file

Spectacular ride today

Test Of Endurance from Mike Ripley on Vimeo.

Lots of great people coming today. Remember you can do the 1 lap version as a cat 3 rider so do not be intimidated, the pain will go away. For those doing 2 laps it may take a few days for the pain to go away

See ya soon

Carl Gurney packing his sign for trail marking today, his namesake