Fire Danger and August Update

Moving into the 2nd half of August brings us into level 2 precautions and no burning or chainsaw work past 1pm. Also land such as Starker Forest is Closed until further notice or substantial rain to lower the precaution level. I really hope we do not drift into Level 3 when no machinery or access is severely limited. Next Local trail work party is September 8th at Alsea falls, contact me to get involved from 9-1pm that day. As we leave August and Enter September Oregon Trail Runs has 2 trail runs 9/7 and 11/16 and the last cycling event of the year (Santa Cross on December 7th…..a significant day in American History). In conjunction with Santa Cross, Local Corvallis Bike Shop and Presenting sponsor Bike N Hike will be building up bikes for Kids in the Corvallis area and any parts that are not crashed on and good to use can be donated or sent to Bike N Hike Corvallis care of Operation Santa Cross. I will be reaching out to many and any frame companies and or any of you who may be getting rid of a frame and would like to donate it to the program and give away on 12/7. More details to come and here is a video that makes me smile….for now enjoy your families and friends and see you sometime soon.

Be well

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