High Cascades 100 on the Horizon and July Events

WOW….9th TOE in the bag and before I ramble I wanted to share a story over the weekend…..Guy shows up sweaty 15 minutes prior to the 50/25 start….Does not speak very much english….I guessed correct that he was Japanese and I introduced myself as he said he had “rode out from Corvallis” Sho rented a bike from Peak Sports and with one water bottle and reportedly a chocolate bar on course did 25 Miles and 3800 ft and finished! Now that was not the best part, as after finishing and finding him sitting alone and trying to recover I asked him how long has he lived here….

1st place Sho Watai from Japan in 5:24:55

He told me as he brought out his passport that he has been in this country 3 DAYS and was Sightseeing! Now for all of you who think you cant do something this amazing 24 year old sets the Gold standard for adventure and attitude…also it was his first Mountain bike Race!

Thanks for all the help and support of the TOE and stay tuned for Free Pics from Oregon Velo…Next years format will be 62/36/15 to set the tone for year 10!

Ok, 15 Spots available for the High Cascades 100 coming up on 7/20……simply and amazing time on your bike with riders from allover the US. Then…..the big Party at the Oregon 24 in Bend on 7/27 and 28……enter toe at checkout and get 10% off if you did the Test of Endurance.

More to come and final map of the 100 this weekend. Course will be marked over the weekend and into early next week

Thanks for the support and be well

Mike and family

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