Summer is on the Horizon

May is half way over and with memorial weekend coming up I hope weather you are cycling your way to better health and skills or running on some amazing trails or roads that we will cross paths this summer. Pic below is from Alsea falls and this weekend 5/18 we will be working with the Subaru Trail Care Crew to re-route some hard braking turns into more flow and go with better transitions for all who ride in this seldom used area so close to my home. On the Horizon for my riding is the Spokane 24 and being that I could not get anyone to commit from my Team to ride I will go it Solo and see how many laps past 10 I can get in….now maybe I can do more and being that I have rather low expectations makes this such a fun time to be on the bike and with so many events to choose from I hope I will see you in June at Alsea Falls XC on 6/15 or maybe the week after on 6/22 for the Deschutes Brewery 25th Anniversary Ride “Black Butte to Mirror Pond”

More to come as always and have a great Memorial Weekend and see you outside!



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